The Celebrate of Hillsboro Air Show 2022

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The Hillsboro Air Show 2022 will be held on August 13th and 14th at the Hillsboro Airport. The show will feature a variety of performers from around the world, including military aircraft demonstrations, aerobatic acts, and other aerial displays. In addition to performances in the air, there will also be static aircraft displays for visitors to enjoy.

Additionally, food vendors and exhibitors featuring aviation-related merchandise will also be present. Visitors can expect an exciting weekend full of entertainment that showcases some of the best talents in aviation today!

The Hillsboro Air Show 2022 is sure to be a spectacular event that you won’t want to miss! This year’s show will feature some of the best civilian and military pilots from around the world, performing thrilling stunts and maneuvers in an array of aircraft. Plus, there will be plenty of other activities for visitors including food vendors, merchandise booths, interactive displays, and more.

Mark your calendar now to join us at Hillsboro Airport on July 2-3 2022 for this remarkable air display!

Hillsboro Air Show 2022


What Day Is the Hillsboro Air Show?

The Hillsboro Air Show is held annually on the second Saturday in August and draws thousands of spectators from across Oregon and Washington. This year’s show will be taking place on Saturday, August 10th, 2019 at the historic Hillsboro Airport in Hillsboro, Oregon. The event features a variety of military and civilian aircraft performing aerobatic stunts as well as an array of static displays including classic cars, vintage aircraft, radio-controlled planes, warbirds, and more.

There are also food vendors selling everything from hot dogs to funnel cakes for those looking for some delicious snacks throughout the day! If you’re interested in attending this annual air show spectacle don’t miss out – mark your calendars now!

What Time Does the Mcminnville Air Show Start?

The McMinnville Air Show is set to start at 10:00 am on Saturday, June 8th. The show will be held at the historic McMinnville Municipal Airport and feature a wide variety of aerial displays including aerobatics, flybys, formation flying, and more. Attendees can expect to see exciting performances from some of the best aviators in the world as well as an array of military aircraft.

There will also be plenty of ground-based activities for all ages such as live music, food vendors, and interactive exhibits. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness spectacular feats in aviation! Get there early so you don’t miss any part of the show or its thrilling finale – it promises to be one that you won’t forget!

Hillsboro Air Show 2022

Where is the Oregon Air Show 2022?

The Oregon Air Show is returning for its 19th year in 2022 and will be taking place at the Hillsboro Airport on August 6-7, 2022. The show features a variety of aircraft, both civilian and military, performing aerial demonstrations, as well as static displays. This year’s lineup includes an array of WWII warbirds such as the P-51 Mustang and TBM Avenger; modern fighters like the F/A-18 Super Hornet and A-10 Warthog; vintage trainers including the Stearman biplane; jet aerobatic teams like Breitling Jet Team USA; helicopter demos with CH47 Chinooks; and more!

In addition to these amazing flights, there are also interactive exhibits highlighting aviation history, vendors selling all things airshow related (including souvenirs), food trucks with delicious treats from around Portland’s diverse culinary scene, kid’s activities ranging from rides in an airplane simulator to designing your own paper airplanes or model planes. Whether you’re a long-time airshow enthusiast looking for some thrills or simply wanting to spend a fun day out with family and friends – come join us at Hillsboro Airport this summer for what promises to be one unforgettable weekend!

What Time is the Hillsboro Air Show?

The Hillsboro Air Show is held annually on the second Saturday of August and typically starts at 10:00 in the morning. The show features a variety of different aircraft, including vintage planes, military jets, helicopters, and aerobatic performers. There are also food booths, vendors selling souvenirs and merchandise related to aviation history, as well as other activities for all ages.

This year’s airshow will be extra special because it marks the 100th anniversary of the first flight made by Orville Wright over Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina on December 17th, 1903. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting event and mark your calendars for August 8th, 2020!

Oregon International Air Show 2022 | Hillsboro Oregon

Hillsboro Air Show 2023

The Hillsboro Air Show 2023 is taking place on August 12th and 13th at the Hillsboro Airport in Oregon. This annual show will feature a variety of performers, including the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, and other military and civilian aircraft. The show will offer up-close views of spectacular aerial stunts performed by some of the world’s most talented pilots, as well as static displays that visitors can explore.

Attendees can also enjoy food vendors, a kid’s area with activities for all ages, and much more! Don’t miss out on this exciting event – get your tickets today!

Mcminnville Air Show 2023

McMinnville Air Show 2023 will take place on August 26-27th at the McMinnville Municipal Airport in Oregon. This year’s show is sure to be bigger and better than ever, with a variety of aerial displays from both civilian and military aircraft, as well as exciting ground events such as car shows and live music. Attendees can also enjoy a wide range of food vendors, souvenir shops, exhibits, activities for kids, and more!

Come join us this summer for the ultimate air show experience!

Hillsboro Air Show 2022

Oregon Air Show 2023

The Oregon International Air Show, the Northwest’s premier aviation event, is set to return in 2023 for its 35th year. The show will feature world-renowned aerobatic performances and military demonstrations from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and other civilian performers, as well as interactive opportunities like a “Flight Zone” with remote control aircraft and simulators. With something for everyone in attendance, the Oregon Air Show promises to be an exciting event that celebrates our nation’s air power and provides unforgettable memories!

Oregon Air Show Schedule

The Oregon International Air Show is set to take place at Hillsboro Airport in Hillsboro, Oregon from September 11-13th, 2020. This year’s show will feature the US Navy Blue Angels, USAF F-16 Fighting Falcons, and many other thrilling aerial performances. Attendees can also enjoy an array of ground attractions including interactive displays and a variety of vendors selling goods such as food, drinks, and souvenirs.

The event promises to be an exciting experience for all ages!


In conclusion, the Hillsboro Air Show 2022 promises to be an exciting and memorable event for all attendees. With its stunning aerial performances, interactive exhibits, and educational activities, it is sure to become a yearly favorite of aviation enthusiasts all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling experience or just want to learn more about aviation history and technology, this show has something for everyone.

If you’re ready for an unforgettable day in the sky with some incredible pilots and aircraft – then mark your calendars now!

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