How to Maximize Buster Farming Efficiencies: No Koyanskaya Or Oberon Needed

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To buster farm without koyanskaya or oberon, use servants with strong buster noble phantasms and support servants with buster buffs. For more detailed advice, continue reading.

Buster farming in fate/grand order can be challenging if you don’t have servants like koyanskaya or oberon, who provide substantial buster support. However, there are still ways to effectively farm with buster servants. One important aspect is having servants with strong buster noble phantasms (np) in your lineup.

These nps deal high damage and can clear waves of enemies efficiently. Another strategy is to bring servants with skills or noble phantasms that provide buster buffs to enhance your damage output. Pairing them with servants who can charge np gauges quickly or generate critical stars can further optimize your overall damage. By utilizing these tactics, you can successfully buster farm even without relying on koyanskaya or oberon.

How to Maximize Buster Farming Efficiencies: No Koyanskaya Or Oberon Needed


Understanding The Value Of Buster Farming

Understanding the value of buster farming is crucial for efficient farming without koyanskaya or oberon. By exploring the impact of buster teams, we can uncover the benefits of maximizing farming efficiencies. Buster teams excel in dealing heavy damage, allowing for quick and effective farming strategies.

With their innate ability to clear waves swiftly, buster teams ensure faster completion of quests and more efficient use of ap. Additionally, the buster trait’s advantage against certain enemy classes offers a competitive edge in battles. Moreover, buster farming provides an excellent opportunity to maximize card effectiveness, enhancing the overall success rate of farming endeavors.

By optimizing buster farming tactics, players can efficiently farm without relying on koyanskaya or oberon, harnessing the undeniable power of buster teams to their advantage. An understanding of buster farming and its benefits is a vital tool for optimizing farming efficiency.

Strategies For Maximizing Buster Farming Without Koyanskaya Or Oberon

Looking to maximize buster farming output without relying on koyanskaya or oberon? Let’s explore alternative strategies for efficient buster farming. By analyzing servant combinations, you can enhance your farming results. Additionally, utilizing recommended ces ensures optimal buster farming outcomes. With a range of options available, you can find the perfect combination to boost your farming efficiency.

Explore different servant synergies and experiment with various craft essences to increase your buster damage output. Don’t let the absence of koyanskaya or oberon hold you back. With careful planning and smart choices, you can still achieve great results in your buster farming endeavors.

So, gear up, strategize, and start maximizing your farming potential.

Optimizing Buster Farming Efficiency

Optimizing buster farming efficiency requires a well-designed team setup. Understanding the role of np levels is essential as it affects the damage output. Effective skill usage is crucial to enhance farming speed. By utilizing support servants effectively, you can maximize your farming efficiency.

Creating a balanced team composition is key to achieving success in buster farming. Utilize servants with strong buster cards and np gain skills. Coordinate their skills to unleash devastating noble phantasms. Consider using ces that boost np generation or provide starting np gauge.

Don’t forget to prioritize leveling up your farming servants’ skills. With the right strategy and preparation, you can farm efficiently without relying on koyanskaya or oberon.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya Or Oberon

Can I Farm Without Using Koyanskaya Or Oberon?

Yes, you can successfully farm without relying on the characters koyanskaya or oberon. There are alternative strategies and teams that can still deliver good results in terms of farming efficiency and effectiveness.

What Are Some Alternative Options For Farming Without Koyanskaya Or Oberon?

If you don’t have koyanskaya or oberon, you can consider using other strong support servants such as zhuge liang, skadi, or merlin, along with powerful damage dealers. These support servants have their own unique skills and abilities that can contribute to a successful farming setup.

How Can I Optimize My Farming Efficiency Without Koyanskaya Or Oberon?

To optimize your farming efficiency without koyanskaya or oberon, focus on building a well-balanced team with synergy and high damage output. Utilize craft essences that boost np gain or starting np gauge, and consider incorporating servants with aoe noble phantasms to clear waves quickly.

Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.


To wrap up, farming without koyanskaya or oberon may seem like a daunting task, but it is definitely achievable with the right strategies and mindset. By focusing on alternative supports and versatile dps units, you can still conquer challenging content and optimize your farming efficiency.

Firstly, make use of caster supports like skadi or tamamo for their powerful offensive buffs. Pair them with versatile dps units like arjuna alter or jalter, who can excel in a wide range of battles. Additionally, consider investing in arts-oriented teams that prioritize defense and sustainability, and don’t forget to utilize event welfare servants that can provide crucial support.

Moreover, master the art of team composition by understanding class advantages and synergies. Lastly, always keep an eye out for future updates and new servants that may provide new options and strategies for farming without koyanskaya or oberon. With determination and ingenuity, you can continue to thrive in the world of fate/grand order farming.

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